Ledwoods Mechanical Engineering

Keadby 2 Power Station

Notus Contract Lifting where contracted by Ledwood engineering to assist in the lifting and positioning of 2no pre-assembled pipe racks at Keadby 2 Power station with a combined weight of 71te

The first challenge to overcome was the solution to lift the pipe racks into position with majority of the load being positioned inside the building.

Secondly the pipe racks needed to be stacked on top of each other.

And finally, which became apparent mid planning was the need to for the racks to be lifting on the 4no lifting points on each section, requiring all 8 lifting points to be used.

Limited space within the building would not allow for stooling off the racks and the base plates where required to be in direct contact with the floor, so traditional SPMT alone would not work.

With a thinking outside of the box approach, the cogs began to turn.

The building had recently been equipped with a 140te capacity overhead crane.

The next step was to find a solution to position the double stacked pipe racks within the building, the only viable solution with very limited access was a SPMT arrangement.

Using measurements taken and data of the loads to be lifted we were able to engineer a solution using a LTM1450-8.1 Mobile crane along with the overhead internal gantry crane as the required items of lifting equipment.

To lift the combined units, we utilised 2no multi point lifting beams along with manual chain blocks and remote motioning load cells to ensure that the calculated tension was applied to each lifting point location, all calculations were compiled by our in house team.