Tower Crane Management

As a client, there are two ways you can hire a crane, crane hire only (crane and operator) or contract lift, and whilst both types are covered by CPA terms and conditions, the risk to the hirer changes dramatically.As a minimum, as per LOLER the Lift Plan (RAMS) must be prepared by a competent CPCS Appointed Person who has surveyed the site and assessed the risks and selected the correct crane / lifting equipment for the specific job.The Lift Plan must then be handed over to the lifting team, consisting of CPCS Lift Supervisor, CPCS crane operator and CPCS Slinger / Signaller.Notus Contract Lifting can supply this full turnkey lifting solution, working to the client budget and programme whilst de-risking the engineering and personnel elements of the operation, whether this be for 1 day or 1 year and ensuring that the correct solution is provided

We pride ourselves on value engineering, providing operational and engineered solutions that are proven to save both time and money, whilst continually working above and beyond industry standards and regulations.

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