Volker Laser / East West Rail Alliance

Bletchley Flyover – May 2020 to September 2021

Notus Contract Lifting were contracted by Volker Laser to provide full contract lifting services, inclusive of engineering, crane hire, specialist labour, ground protection and lifting tackle to work along side the engineering and dismantling teams to remove the concrete spans and piers of the existing Bletchley Flyover.

The spans/sections ranged in weight from 45te  to 305te and were pre-jacked and weighed to allow accurate lift planning and calculated ‘returnable’ loads.

Being completely independent, Notus Contract Lifting, were able to utilise their supply chain network to source the required heavy lift cranes within the UK, reducing the client’s risk and cost of bringing in expensive cranes from the continent.

The cranes that were utilised for these works were as follows –

1200t Gottwald AK680-3 – 6 weeks

1000t Liebherr LTM1800D - 4 weeks

750t Liebherr LTM1750-9.1 – 6 weeks

500t Liebherr LR1500 – 9 weeks

500t Liebherr LTM1500-8.1 – 1 week

Following the successful dismantle programme of works, we were then contracted by East West Rail Alliance to provide crane hire and specialist labour for the installation of new precast concrete bridge beams up to 68t, with LTM1750 and LR1600 cranes being supplied for these works.

The works culminated in Easter 2021 when we supplied a total of 27 Lift Supervisors and Slinger / Signallers to work with 2no LR1600 crawler cranes over a 54 hour rail possession.

In addition to labour support during this possession Notus Contract Lifting also supplied Dyneema slings that were made a short notice, with the light weight nature of these slings minimised the time the team were working at height, and removed the need for traditional heavy slings or wire rope slings.