Colin Bradshaw
Contract Lift Manager

Colin started his career in the glazing industry taking on roles such, as Installation, Slinger / Signaller, Compact Crane Operator (A66) and eventually becoming an Installation Supervisor before leaving in 2012.

While working in the glazing industry he had the opportunity to work with cranes on significant installations like the Birmingham Library. This experience sparked his interest in transitioning to the crane industry.

In 2013 Colin obtained his CPCS Mobile Crane Certification. Embarked on a fulfilling journey where he operated a range of cranes from 40t to 300t and also discovered his passion for operating mobile tower cranes.

Motivated by the challenges of the industry Colin pursued qualifications such as Appointed Person Qualification.

Throughout the years he has improved his skills in AUTOCAD and other programs while overseeing projects of various sizes before joining Notus a team known for their experience and diversity within the industry.

Even though professional commitments are important to Colin, family always comes first. He is a father, to two daughters who keep him engaged.

Whilst not at work Colin likes to spend his weekends going on family adventures and creating memories together.